SEO Friendly Domain Name: Some Tips to Choose the Best

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The success of any online business depends on the visibility of its Brand on the Internet and thanks to the Google algorithm, everyone has a good chance of generating traffic to the site and climbing the positions of the search results.

A domain name simply emphasizes what your site / brand is about and this is certainly very important in SEO

Each website has a unique IP address, but it is the domain name that stands out and allows the user to really identify what they are looking for. Therefore, choosing an SEO Friendly name is one of the fundamental factors of a winning strategy. Being in the right place at the right time is the number one reason to rank well in search results.

Things to Consider When Choosing SEO Friendly Domain Names


Highlight what your brand represents and try to summarize everything in the fewest number of characters possible. This will help you to make your potential customers understand what you do in an immediate way. For example, Tesla will never be successful in Google ‘s SERPs if he chooses a domain name like People identify the Brand and when they hear about Tesla, they can imagine almost everything in seconds. The same goes for any other brand, to which users, in general, are used to. A clear and concise name is advisable if your project is in the start-up phase. Always keep in mind the number one rule of marketing which is to find a name that is easily remembered and that fits naturally in the minds of your target audience.


The other option is to choose keywords for your domain name. Keywords identify your target audience with the product and services they are looking for. If you are in the business of selling bespoke footwear, then you could generate traffic to your website with a domain like It doesn’t highlight your brand or business in any way, but focuses on the aspect of the service. In such a situation it will be very important that all the content on the site is aligned with the keyword strategy, with the risk of losing credibility if not.

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Exact Match Domains

An additional domain choice option is to use one or more search keywords within the domain. For example, a company that produces furniture in recyclable plastic could opt for a domain name such as

Exact match domains, however, were penalized by Google as many inauthentic websites were gaining positions in the SERPs thanks to this mechanism. To overcome these problems, the Mountain View giant has changed its algorithm by not assigning the exact match domain as a ranking factor. It is therefore not recommended to consider this option when choosing your domain name.

Choose TLD

The TLD known as the top-level domain (TLD), is the last part of the Internet domain name. Corresponds to the alphanumeric abbreviation following the rightmost ‘dot’ of the URL. If your target market is global, TLD works perfectly. It is the most used and is easy to remember as it is widely used by companies around the world. If, on the other hand, your online visibility strategy is geo-localized and you only operate in a specific geographic area, country code TLDs are preferable and represent a ranking factor.

Choosing the right TLD is therefore essential for the success of your online visibility strategy.


On the web, you have often come across the same domain name with different TLDs. If possible buy the main TLDs for your domain name and redirect the secondary ones to the main one. Having a unique domain name will strengthen the domain itself and increase the chances of your site ranking in the search results.


When buying a domain, you need to pay close attention to the past history of the domain itself. Make sure it hasn’t been used in the past and hasn’t been penalized by Google. The authority of a domain is a fundamental ranking factor and will contribute positively to the positioning of keywords in the SERPs.

In Conclusion

Google is based on user experience and is constantly updated. SEO Friendly websites are designed and focused on user intent. The quality of the content and the visual structure are cornerstones of any web project but finding the right domain name is just as important. Choose a domain name that is unique and best represents your Brand and the services offered.